Arcadia Arboretum Engagement

    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement

    When I first scheduled Anna and Cliff’s engagement session we had to reschedule because it was raining heavily. It was supposed to rain the next date we set also but we decided to bring some umbrellas and do the session anyway. I’m glad we did because the lighting was beautiful and the Arcadia Arboretum was pretty empty which made it easier to take photos. It only rained once and it was just a very light mist. The arboretum had different sections. We started off in Australia and ended in Asia. We were surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, and cactus.

    Anna and Cliff met through mutual friends. They picked the Arcadia Arboretum because they love the amazing versatile backdrops. Anna also used to live very close to the arboretum and said she would drive by it daily saying she’d eventually visit it. Not knowing her first visit would be her engagement session. I loved Anna’s dress which she got from Free People. It was beautiful dark green, which looked pretty with all the green at the arboretum.

    Anna and Cliff will be having their wedding at Anna’s aunt’s house in Sierra Madre. She said the minute she stepped into the house, her wedding Pinterest board came to life. They are most excited about the food they will be serving their guests at their wedding which will be Southern BBQ. These two were so natural in front of the camera even though they both warned me they feel nervous in front of one. You can’t tell by the photos! I can’t wait to capture their wedding day in June!

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    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement_4950.jpg
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    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement_4957.jpg
    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement_4958.jpg
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    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement_4960.jpg
    Arcadia Arboretum Engagement_4961.jpg

    Location:The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, 127 acres, is an arboretum, botanical garden, and historical site nestled into hills near the San Gabriel Mountains, at 301 North Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, California, United States.

    Permit: You must have a photography permit to take engagement photos. It costs $50 plus a $15 entry fee.

    Clothing and Shoes: You cannot change in the arboretum so you have to change in the car. Make sure you change before they lock the front entry if you decide to do your photos later in the day. The Arboretum is VERY large and there is a lot of walking involved if you want to get to certain locations. I highly suggest wearing flats and slipping into heels if you are set on wearing heels in your photos.

    Weather: In the summertime it gets extremely hot. If you can only do your session during that time I recommend doing it early in the morning.

    Popular Spot: The waterfall is usually the most crowded area in the arboretum so make sure you are patient while others around you are taking selfies. lol.

    Dress: Free People | Hair: The Dry Bar

    April 25, 2016




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