Downtown Los Angeles Engagement

        {Downtown Los Angeles Engagement}

        I met Carrie when she was a bridesmaid for my friend Joanna’s wedding last year. I was thrilled when Carrie contacted me to photograph her wedding next year! Now Joanna will be matron of honor for Carrie’s wedding, which I know she will be great at! Carrie and Alex chose downtown Los Angeles for their engagement photos because they both enjoy going there to see theatre and concerts — something Carrie’s loved doing her whole life. I can’t wait for their wedding at the gorgeous Bel Air Bay Club next year. Here’s a little snippet from Carrie about how she met Alex…

        How about we… go eat gelato?  That was the date I had posted on  I figured anyone who replied and knew the difference between gelato and ice cream would be either a foodie or a traveler — instantly a cool person to hang out with for an hour.  Alex says he responded to my date because he was looking for a good gelato shop and he thought I was pretty.

        On our first date, I learned that Alex was well-traveled and appreciated good food (except strawberries).  That date led to another at a BBQ place, and another at LACMA, and, pretty soon, I couldn’t remember a time when Alex wasn’t around.  We both said it felt like we’d always known each other.  Almost 2 years after that first date, we got engaged in Santa Barbara — and when we got back to LA, we celebrated at that gelato shop.

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        Downtown Los Angeles Engagement_0889.jpg

        Locations: Walt Disney Concert Hall | Dorothy Chandler Pavilion | Los Angeles Public Library


        June 3, 2015




        We will always treasure the photos from Joanna and Matt’s wedding. We know that Carrie and Alex will treasure theirs also.

        Ina Levin

        I love this shoot – it captures their joy and just makes me HAPPY…happy that my son has found such a wonderful woman, happy that this wonderful woman has found my son and brought him so much happiness. It all started with gelato – too perfect!!

        This is the sweetest comment! They were a joy to photograph! Can’t wait to photograph their wedding and meet you!

        Your work is beautiful! I am a serious photographer myself (totally amateur, but serious!!) and have shot some wonderful photos of them – but these are special. I know they are in good hands and that is just a wonderful little piece of all this that I am loving to know! Thank you!!

        Thank you Tina! That means a lot!

        Laura Cosgrove- Ramsay

        How lovely! Absolutely beautiful photos and couple. Congrats to you both!

        I cannot thank you enough for these beautiful photos….there is so much love between my niece and her future husband that Aunt Barbie is at a loss for words!!

        The pictures are so well done. I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful journey! I wish you nothing but happiness.

        Love,your cousin Kathy


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