Gerry Ranch Wedding

    Gerry Ranch Wedding

    This vivacious couple picked one of my favorite locations, Gerry Ranch, for their wedding day celebrations. With expansive views of the foothills and the Santa Rosa Valley, it’s impossible to take a bad picture at this historic location.

    Lindsey’s gorgeous floral embroidered gown and the wisteria and dusty lilac of the bridesmaids’ dresses worked effortlessly to create a beautiful motif against the lush greenery of the grounds. For a finishing touch each of the ladies wore floral garlands designed by Michelle Liotta of Shells Petals in their hair while the bride donned a more classic latticed tiara. Even the wedding cake got a garland of it’s own!

    After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour as the sun began to set complete with fun lawn games such as Jenga and Cornhole. Kids and adults alike had a ball as they merrily waited for the bride and groom to make their first appearance as husband and wife.

    After some joyful tears shed during the wedding party speeches they boogied down on the dance floor to tunes from DJ Sota Entertainment who kept the party hopping well after sunset. The festivities were complete with dancing the traditional Jewish horah and of course the tossing of the bouquet!

    The wedding came to a close with a photo finish as guests made a pathway of sparklers to send off the couple in a splendor of lights to begin their new lives together. Cheers to the happy couple and many more years of light and love!Gerry Ranch Wedding_0726.jpg
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    Coordinator: Chantal Cruz from @gerryranchweddings | Venue: @gerryranchweddings | Florals: @shellspetals | Makeup: @fairytalehairandmakeup | Hair: @asecretplacesalon | DJ: @westcoast_weddingdjs | Rentals: @casicieloweddings | Catering: @commandperformancecatering

    August 10, 2018




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