How to Plan for a Virtual Bridal Shower

    How to Plan for a Virtual Bridal Shower


    Lockdowns are easing in some places, but people are still wary about holding huge gatherings. Still, there’s no reason why milestones can’t be celebrated together even through virtual means. Thankfully, modern technology now enables groups to hold gatherings on digital platforms. It may not be the same as being physically together, but it lets everyone experience the same joyful celebration.

    Here are some ideas for those who want to hold a bridal shower while keeping everyone safe in their own homes:

    Form a team

    Get everyone in on the plan to make sure all are on the same page. Agree on a theme that will be easy for all participants to prepare for. Use central cloud storage services such as Google Docs for convenient file sharing and accessing of information. Also, assign tasks like preparing the location where the bride will stay, hosting the virtual platform, procuring and shipping materials, and communicating with the guests.

    Pick a platform

    There are several platforms for video conferencing, such as Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, and It’s best to choose the one that’s easiest for the group to handle. Also, not all guests will be tech-savvy, so be ready to help some guests figure out how to use the platform. Send instructions on how to join the virtual meeting, and ask if anyone needs help setting up.

    Send invites early

    When sending out printed invites via snail mail, do so weeks in advance. Aside from this, send out invitations through phone calls, texts, and chats. Informing guests early gives them enough time to drop off or ship their gifts, prepare costumes, or gather materials needed for the shower.

    Prepare fun activities

    A bridal shower isn’t just about guests watching the bride open presents and read messages. Prepare fun activities to engage all the guests and make it memorable for everyone. Do karaoke, paint and sip wine together, or play newlywed games. Attendees can even help the bride shop for a wedding dress online and share ideas on how to customize it. Indeed, a virtual bridal shower can be just as exciting as the traditional one.


    **@alishylishy (bride in top photo) is wearing a @anomalie dress.

    November 28, 2020




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