Las Mariposas Wedding

    Las Mariposas Wedding

    2020 definitely put a damper on a lot of couple’s wedding plans but Karla and Joseph decided to take their hardship and make the best of it. After changing every plan they had for their original June wedding, the couple moved locations to the beautiful and intimate Las Mariposas Estate in Escondido, California. 

    Karla and Joseph are no strangers to being flexible. Though they met in high school, they didn’t begin dating until college and spent most of their dating life long distance.

    The couple wanted to go for “simple elegance,” believing less is more sometimes.  The groomsmen all wore navy while the bridal party stunned in a slate blue. The scenery at the venue had a lot of greenery and white elements so the blues really stood out nicely. Karla credits Shannon from Citrus City Events for providing all the ideas for her simple table and decor setup. They wanted the entire day to feel intimate and special.

    One of the highlights of the reception was the margarita truck. Karla and Joseph both love margaritas but it also brought a levity to the day with all guests enjoying some fun cocktails while snapping pictures. The couple was very glad they got photography and videography for their big day since a lot of family and friends couldn’t be there in person. “Although we had wished all of our family and friends could have been present to celebrate, we enjoyed having the opportunity to have a smaller guest count and be able to celebrate it together with those who could attend. It was so much fun to look back at wedding pictures and see that everyone was on the dance floor and had smiles on their faces,” said Karla

    They also said having their wedding on a Friday was a great decision because they got  to continue celebrating the whole weekend with friends and family who were in town. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

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    June 24, 2021




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