Las Vegas Elopement

        Las Vegas Elopement

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        I’ve always wanted to do a fun styled shoot in Vegas. Vegas is the marriage capital of the world and what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there. I had 2 couples last year meet in Vegas and then get married!

        The minute I post styled shoots I always get messages asking me, “How did you pull this off? Where can I get that? Etc. I’m going to explain how you can do this for your own wedding. Though some of us are born with a little more creative flair than others most of us have dreamed about our big day for years and just need to make that vision become a reality.

        I always tell couples to get very clear on the theme and vision for their wedding and then conquer the task of finding the vendors and suppliers who can bring them that joy. Have a Pinterest board you can share. Vendors love to see your vision and it helps them out. Las Vegas Elopement_1252.jpg
        Las Vegas Elopement_1253.jpg
        Las Vegas Elopement_1254.jpgFor this theme I was very clear that I wanted to be a Valentine’s Day elopement. I also wanted a nostalgic Vegas feel with a touch of modern spice to it. The dress was key as it veered from the traditional white gown. I wanted my bride to be red and daring. This dress from BCBG was exactly what I had envisioned right down to the playful red lace accents. I always tell clients if you are going to be shooting in a lot of locations make sure your dress is comfortable and easy to walk in. The tux was an ode to the 50’s and an easy find at Generation Tux as it was a stand out in all white and looked super dapper with a black bowtie.
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        Las Vegas Elopement_1260.jpgOne of the most important things to book is your hair and makeup. When it comes to pin up glam the go to girl in Vegas is Andie Piazza Getting waves like this is NOT easy. You must find a vendor who’s been specifically trained to do this. I can’t tell you how many times brides ask for these gorgeous waves and instead just get their hair curled regularly. Andie made our model Kylee look like a pin up goddess and is the queen of these Veronica Lake waves.

        Las Vegas Elopement_1265.jpgI love accessories in photos. Balloons are always a fun. Plus the amount of attention, we got carrying around heart balloons was awesome. People left and right were congratulating the couple. For some couple’s accessories help them feel more comfortable in front of the camera because it’s a task they can focus on.Las Vegas Elopement_1256.jpgLas Vegas Elopement_1261.jpg

        Las Vegas Elopement_1263.jpg
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        Las Vegas Elopement_1264.jpgThe one accessory that is so important is your bouquet. It will be in all of your photos and it’s the one thing you’ll be carrying around the entire time. MyloFleur Floral is the best. Her bouquets are absolutely stunning. They aren’t your traditional boring bouquets. A lot of people try to make their own bouquets. Even if you are good at flower arrangements you don’t want to be running around stressed going to different stores putting a bouquet together. Spend a little extra and have a professional do it. This is the one day you can splurge on some beautiful flowers for your wedding photos.
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        Vegas is the perfect place to have your wedding. There’s always something to do. During our shoot we got to see a free concert in downtown Vegas, eat at white castle with a saxophone player playing some tunes, walk up and down colorful rainbow stairs and pop some champagne in front of the Encore. Vegas is definitely a memorable place to get married! Las Vegas Elopement_1266.jpg
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        Las Vegas Elopement_1271.jpgPhotography: Elizabeth Burgi Photography I Hair and Makeup: @AndiePiazza I Flowers: Mylofleur Floral I Tux: Generation TuxI Dress: BCBG  I Shoes: Nordstrom I Balloons: Party City

        February 14, 2019




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