London Engagement Session

        London Engagement Session

        I had the best time doing Miguel and Sam’s engagement session. We started our session in Shoreditch. It’s a hip neighborhood with fashionable clubs and bars. The walls are filled with colorful art which is great for photos. This love mural by Ben Eine is one of my favorites. London Engagement Session_2384.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2386.jpg London Engagement Session_2388.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2389.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2390.jpgAfter Shoreditch we headed over to the tower of London but on the way I had to get a photo of them in front of a London cab. AKA a hackney carriage which is a car for hire.
        London Engagement Session_2392.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2393.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2394.jpgOn our way to Tower Bridge I saw this great framing of Tower of London. The trees were changing in November and it was really pretty in the photos.
        London Engagement Session_2396.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2395.jpgThe Tower Bride is SUPER popular and to me is the iconic symbol of London. It was super crowded with tourists but we were patient and when it would clear I would get shutter happy.London Engagement Session_2399.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2400.jpgWhen I think of London I think about the red telephone box. Miguel and Sam told me drunk people relieve themselves in them. haha. They were troopers and let me take a few snaps of them in front of one. We had to wait in line while other tourists took selfies but I think it was worth it.
        London Engagement Session_2401.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2403.jpg
        London Engagement Session_2402.jpg
        We ended the session with lunch at the Dickens Inn. It’s located Marble Quay, St Katharine’s Way, Tower Hill, London E1W 1UH, United Kingdom. The front of the building was so pretty with flowers.
        London Engagement Session_2404.jpg

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        March 3, 2020




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