Mexico Wedding

    When most people think of sitting beachside in Mexico with a drink in their hand with the love of their life they picture a few places: Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta. What most people don’t know is there’s a hidden gem called Ixtapa and after a much needed vacation there with my husband, I knew right away that I had to shoot a wedding in this gorgeous spot (real or fake!)

    Ixtapa is a tourist resort that was actually created by the Mexican government back in 1970s on what used to be a mangrove estuary and coconut grove. The architecture has a very modern feel with lots of white walls and big bold splashes of color all over the city.  I really wanted to capture these vivid colors and make that the star of the shoot (in addition to, of course, our adorable models Madi and Trevor!)

    Mexico Wedding Styled Shoot

    Mexico Wedding_1748.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1769.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1739.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1742.jpgI had them wear relatively simple outfits and instead played up Madi’s bouquet with lots of colorful local flowers.  This floral arrangement was so vibrant and succulent looking that I actually wanted to eat it!  The bouquet and the traditional maracas and fans I had them hold were a perfect accent to bring out the color-blocking on the walls behind them. There’s also a lot of lush greenery in the village that made for a nice contrast against her white dress. Mexico Wedding_1765.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1740.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1741.jpgI wanted to to keep the feel for this shoot youthful because that’s what this place inspires so I opted for ice cream treats over champagne (although we did sneak some tequila in the mix!) The place settings were super easy to pull together with local colorful trinkets that were as cheap as they were adorable. Sometimes the more simple you go, the better. 

    Mexico Wedding_1747.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1746.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1749.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1743.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1744.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1762.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1752.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1771.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1770.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1751.jpgMexico Wedding_1761.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1768.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1773.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1753.jpgThe icing on the cake was the gorgeous Ixtapa sunset that greeted us at the end of the day. As I say in all my blog writings: always save time for sunset pictures. They are the most magical and often the most meaningful. This particular one was stunning though so I had to take a minute to tip my hat to Ixtapa in all its glory. If you are looking for a great location for a weeding or honeymoon (or just great photos) I highly recommend it!

    Mexico Wedding_1757.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1755.jpg
    Mexico Wedding_1759.jpg
    Dress: Bhldn

    Invitations: Brown Fox Creative 

    Shoes: Kate Spade 

    June 10, 2019




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