Norway Road Trip

    Norway Road Trip

    I’ve been going to Norway since I was nine years old. My mom is from a small town called Risør. Usually, when I go I’m visiting with family and friends. This was a very eventful trip because Tim and I photographed and filmed my cousin’s wedding, then we decided to take a road trip from Risør to Bergen then Bergen to Oslo. On the way to Bergen we stopped in Kristiansand and Stavanger. This trip holds a special place in my heart and I hope you enjoy the photos and videos we took.

    Flying to Norway is expensive so Tim and I did the cheapest ticket we could find. Which means we didn’t get to sit together. Instead Tim sat in between two friends that purposely left the middle seat open. haha.Norway Road Trip_2425.jpg

    We started our trip to Risor and stayed in Det Lille Hotel. The hotel room opened up to a small pool. We had a cute little kitchen, living room and balcony. The hotel also provided breakfast in the morning. One of my favorite parts of the day was getting up and eating breakfast outside the hotel.

    Risor is a charming little town. It is located along the Skagerak coast in the traditional region of Sørlandet. One of the most popular tourist attractions is Risørflekken. It’s this large painted white rock that has an amazing view of Risør. As you walk up the hill you can see lots of beautiful homes with lovely gardens out front.

    Norway Road Trip_2411.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2412.jpg
    The view from white rock.

    Norway Road Trip_2410.jpg
    Taken with the drone.
    Norway Road Trip_2415.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2413.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2414.jpg
    The seafood in Norway is incredible. We ate fish soup and shrimp at Fiskemottaket.
    Norway Road Trip_2417.jpg
    The shops in Risør are really cute. Across from our hotel was a second-hand shop where we scored some hilarious records, a handmade Norwegian sweater, and cute house stuff.
    Norway Road Trip_2418.jpgNorway Road Trip_2420.jpg

    Norway Road Trip_2419.jpg
    The hotel had bikes you could rent and ride around town.Norway Road Trip_2421.jpg
    This is my Uncle and Aunt’s house. It’s the cutest house ever.
    Norway Road Trip_2422.jpg
    Here’s a little snippet from my cousin’s wedding. To view more photos and the video click here.
    Norway Road Trip_2423.jpg
    One of the prettiest churches in town is the Risør Church. We had a view of it from our hotel room.
    Norway Road Trip_2424.jpg
    More food.
    Norway Road Trip_2487.jpg

    Here’s a small montage of clips from my insta stories of Risør.

    We headed to Lyngor for a day trip. Lyngør is a village area on a group of small islands in the municipality of Tvedestrand in Aust-Agder county, off the southeast coast of Norway. The village is about 12 kilometers southeast of the town of Tvedestrand and also about 12 kilometers southwest of the town of Risør

    We had to park our car and take a boat to get there. For info on how to get there click here.

    Norway Road Trip_2426.jpg

    Norway Road Trip_2427.jpgThere are NO CARS. We walked around and looked at all the cute homes. We stopped at a small restaurant and had dessert and a beer. Great combo.
    Norway Road Trip_2428.jpg

    Norway Road Trip_2429.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2430.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2432.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2431.jpg

    After our trip to Lyngor we were off on our road trip. My grandma (mormor) waving us a farewell.
    Norway Road Trip_2434.jpg

    We did a quick stop in Kristiansand. I loved all the flowers that were blooming.
    Norway Road Trip_2435.jpg

    Then we drove for 3 1/2 Horus to Stavanger. I wish we spent more time here cause I absolutely loved it. Right, when we got there a cruise ship dropped off a TON of people so it was very crowded.Norway Road Trip_2437.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2439.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2436.jpg

    My favorite street was ØVRE HOLMEGATE because I loved the COLOR!
    Norway Road Trip_2438.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2486.jpg

    After Stavanger we drove for 5 hours to Bergen. We drove the long way up the coast, island hopping the whole way, driving into tunnels under the ocean for some parts and had to take two ferries as well.

    Norway Road Trip_2440.jpg

    When we got to Bergen we stayed Hotel Oleana. It was a great location and in the middle of everything.
    Norway Road Trip_2441.jpg

    Mt. Fløyen is one of Bergen’s biggest attractions. There are a lot of tourists so you have to wait for your turn to get photos in some spots. If you can wiggle your way to the front of the tram you get the best view on the way up.

    Norway Road Trip_2443.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2447.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2448.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2451.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2452.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2446.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2449.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2442.jpg

    We really didn’t have a plan in Bergen. We just walked around the city and enjoyed the sights. Two of the iconic historical Bryggen storefronts were under construction.

    Norway Road Trip_2453.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2454.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2461.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2455.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2457.jpg
    The prettiest McDonalds I’ve ever seen. All the sewers had beautiful designs. We saw this cool mustang and I loved the door to this Tiki Bar. It’s the Norwegian version of a Tiki Bar. lol.
    Norway Road Trip_2456.jpg

    After Bergen we drove 7 hours to Oslo. There were areas that were flat with hardly any population. We kept seeing high sticks where you could see how high the snow would get. All I could think about was how crazy the winters would get in some of these areas.

    Norway Road Trip_2460.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2464.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2463.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2465.jpg

    We stopped at some parts and they would have signs telling us where we were.

    Norway Road Trip_2462.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2450.jpg

    On our way to Oslo we saw a ton of people stopping so of course we had to see what they were looking at. It was the Vøringsfossen waterfall.

    Norway Road Trip_2473.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2468.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2466.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2467.jpg

    On our drive there were purple wildflowers EVERYWHERE. They were gorgeous.Norway Road Trip_2471.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2470.jpg

    Some large statues on our drive.

    Norway Road Trip_2480.jpg
    Norway Road Trip_2481.jpg

    Once we go to Oslo we were exhausted from driving. We stayed at Thon Hotel a little outside the city. My biggest advice is to TAKE A BUS to Oslo. We made the mistake of driving our rental car and paying A TON of money on parking when we should have just used the city bus. Oslo is VERY expensive.

    Norway Road Trip_2474.jpg

    We checked out the Palace.
    Norway Road Trip_2475.jpg

    After the Palace we walked down to the shops and grabbed a beer and just people watched. They had all these large bears on display. I liked the big Freia sign. One thing you’ll get addicted to is the chocolate in Norway. It’s delicious. I had to get a pic of the Fjällräven window display. It was so colorful plus I own a blue one.Norway Road Trip_2478.jpg

    If you go to Oslo you have to go to the Viking museum. It has three Viking era burial ships that were found as part of archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad, Oseberg, and the Borre mound cemetery. It’s located on the Bygdøy peninsula.

    Norway Road Trip_2476.jpg

    It was HOT when we got to Oslo so we went to this kitchy ice bar called Magic Ice. It was a lot of fun and we met some other cool Norwegians escaping the heat.

    Norway Road Trip_2477.jpg

    We ventured down to the harbor. It’s very picturesque and there are a lot of very good restaurants and bars along the water. We ate at Oliva. It was delicious Italian food.

    Norway Road Trip_2482.jpg

    We were told this was THE place to get a yummy piece of cake  Pascal Konditori.

    Our last night in Oslo we went to the arts district. We had come to this location a few years back with my cousin and thought it was cool. Luckily Tim’s memory was so good he was able to find it again. Norway Road Trip_2483.jpg

    I hope you enjoyed our trip. If you are thinking of going to Norway DO IT! This travel blog is dedicated to my grandpa (morfar) who passed away this year. He was the kindest and most loving man I’ve ever known. It’s going to be hard going back to Risør and not seeing him but I know he will always be there with me in spirit.

    Norway Road Trip_2485.jpg

    March 10, 2020



    Thank you for a tribute to Tore, and å lovely trip from Risør and south of Norway

    I hope we are able to come to Norway and get to see you!

    Such a lovely blog,definitely makes me want to visit!! Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure! Such a beautiful tribute to your morfar!

    Thanks friend!


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