Norwegian Wedding

    Norwegian Wedding

    This wedding was obviously special for us to film because of the amazing opportunity to go to Norway!!! The wedding was in one of Southern Norway’s most charming and tranquil areas. Southern coastal towns like Kristiansand, Risør, and Stathelle remind me of something you’d see at the beginning of a Disney movie — all of the buildings are painted white and little boutiques line the small harbor towns.

    The venue was this beautiful piece of property tucked deep into the countryside. The ceremony was held lakefront on one of the hundreds of surrounding lakes. With all their family and friends at attendance, the couple’s ceremony was sweet and peaceful. The wind gently blew through the surrounding trees while the soft-spoken priest gave his sermon, sang some beautiful songs and performed all the traditional Norwegian wedding practices.

    The reception was a fantastic celebration. With the groom catering the entire wedding with special venison that he got by driving up to Sweden to get. And because they got married in the summertime the sun never really went down, creating an everlasting gorgeous glow that was truly magical

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    Video: TSI VIdeo Productions | Venue: Grimsrud Gard | MUA: Salong Trix | Florals: @floriss_tvedestrand | Wedding Dress: @snefridshus | Groom’s Suit: @suitopia | Invitation’s: @optimalprint | Cake: Annie Vika | Catering: The groom

    September 20, 2018




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