Pastel Wedding

    Pastel Wedding

    They say the best relationships spring from friendships and Taylor and Trinity are a testament to that. After being introduced online by mutual friends, they spent two years chatting back and forth and bonding over their similar interests. After all, they were both writers and had all the same hobbies (and sense of humor!) They finally admitted their feelings for each other on Valentine’s Day and arranged to meet in person in Los Angeles. “From that moment on, we’ve steered through trials and tribulations together with sweet-as-honey moments of laughter, levity, and adventure,” says Taylor.

    They wanted the phrase “I love you to the moon and back” to be the running theme in their wedding but it quickly spiraled to include lots of other fun inspirations like Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon” and antique nostalgic memorabilia. This idea of old soulmates meeting together once again seemed to be the through-line of the ceremony. Giving life to this theme where the actual love letters Taylor and Trinity had written to each other over the years! 

    Taylor found her gorgeous strapless lace gown after a lot of searching. She had long heard the tales from other brides that you just “know” when you put on the right dress but she was skeptical. She finally popped into a store that she had always driven past as a little girl and decided to pop in. When she tried on this dress she realized what everyone was talking about and found herself blushing, knowing she had found the perfect one.

    The couple’s wedding colors were inspired by her ring which was a lavender sapphire set in rose gold. They liked the idea of using cooler pastel tones accentuated with dashes of rose gold and silver. I personally loved this mix of colors because they had a lot of vibrant lilac purples but also some dusty grey’s which paired nicely with the rose accents. It was very unique.

    Taylor’s favorite moment was when they saw each other for the first time. The way Trinity looked at her with disbelief and awe was heart-melting. They also both loved the vow reading as they are both shy and watching them both fumbles to express their love for each other was something to remember. They both just looked at each other and smiled and laughed.

    When asked what they wish they could relive over again from their wedding, they said “experiencing all the raw emotions of the day.” Taylor continued, “I’ve always been told that a young woman’s wedding is one of the happiest days of their lives–now I fully understand and could not be more grateful for the memories captured in my stunning photographs.” I love hearing stuff like this and was so happy to be a part of their big day!

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    Event Venue: Braemar Country Club\\DJ: DJ Vermix\\Other: Blue Sky Papers
    Makeup Artist: Yolanda Lopez\\Calligrapher: Shelby Creative Designs\\Other: Rose Gold Hearts Events\\Cinema and Video: Zelus Marketing\\Bakery: Sugar Coated Bakers\\Cake Designer: Hansens Cakes\\Floral Designer: Ai International\\Event Planner: Ai International\\Photographer: Elizabeth Burgi Photography

    August 31, 2020




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