Pleasant Hill Wedding

    Pleasant Hill Wedding

    Teena Marie and Scott had a beautiful wedding at Pleasant Hill in Northern California. The last time Tim and I saw them we were shooting their magical, wintertime engagement session in Big Bear. Next thing we knew, we had fast forwarded to this couple’s warm and sunny July wedding! Their ceremony was full of heartfelt moments, even the officiant was deeply touched and struggled to hold her composure. Boheme Tipi Events created a beautiful reception for Teena Marie and Scott, featuring elegant white curtains complimented by classic white flower arrangements. Each guest was thrilled to receive a wine glass commemorating the event. Once the dancing began, this couple’s friends and family never stopped and everyone had a blast! This was such a fun wedding and I’m glad we got to be a part of it. Thanks to Joana Perey for recommending us! We really enjoyed getting to know your family and friends!

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    Pleasant Hill Wedding_0436.jpg Boheme Tipi & Events |Videographer: TSI Video Productions | Second Photographer: Kim Heath |  Perera PavilionChau Nguyen from  A List Make Up | Florist: Belle FlowerZARA | Novella Bridal | Wedding dress brand: Essense of AustraliaDavid’s BridalI.N.C | Wedding Paper DivasDenon & Doyle | Le Gateau ElegantPurely Simple Catering | Drapery, Linens, Chairs: Chair Divas | Misc Rentals  and dance floor: Pleasanton Rentals

    July 29, 2017



    Hi there! I was wondering if you remember what time their ceremony started and the date these pictures were taken? I am considering this venue and I would like to have it around May.For picture purposes, I’m not sure whether to start it at 4pm or 4:30. Please let me know what you would suggest! Thank you 🙂

    Hey! They had it beginning of July at 4pm.

    Hi! I figured this might be a long shot but I was wondering if you remember where the lawn photos/wooden awning pictures were taken? I am considering the venue but was wondering if nearby hotels or locations were good photo spots and love how your pictures turned out. Thank you!

    Hey! Thanks. They were taken at the Hilton Concord. It’s in the back of the hotel. There is a small area. Hope that helps!


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