SoHo63 Wedding

        SoHo 63 Wedding

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        From the bride.

        • AJ and I initially met in 2007 in a public speaking class at ASU. At the time we were just friends, and post-graduation, remained friends. The timing was never right for us to start dating, but we checked in from time to time to see how the other was doing and to keep in touch. Over Christmas 2015, though, the check in felt different, and what would have normally been two friends hanging out, turned into a real date! And that was it!
        • There were so many parts throughout the day that made the wedding special and perfect. But if we had to pick favorites: AJ’s favorite part: Listening to Britt’s vows or watching Britt walk down the aisle, or walking down the aisle to Star Wars music. Brittney’s favorite part: Walking down the aisle to AJ, while seeing everyone there in the audience and getting to see our full bridal party there as well, or listening to the toasts.
        • I never envisioned my wedding dress; I had actually never really envisioned my wedding, to be honest. So, I thought the search for the perfect dress would be a challenge. Not having any clue what would look good, or what styles I liked best, I went into the experience with an open mind. My mom, sister, and AJ’s mom went to Azteca Bridal for our first stop (of what ended up only being two). We chose this shop because not only do they offer inexpensive dress options, but it is also where my mom got her wedding dress 30 years ago. The best part is my sister was also shopping for wedding dresses, so we got to try them on together! I picked my dress because as soon as I put it on, it felt perfect. I felt like the most beautiful version of myself, and immediately felt comfortable. It was the second dress I tried, and every dress after that made me just want to put this one back on! I especially loved the pockets, and was told by every girl after the ceremony how shocked and awed they were when I pulled my vows out of my pockets! Haha. “Thanks, it has pockets!”
        • I love the idea of really subtle, monochromatic designs with pops of color. I initially wanted to go with all white everything, but then thought that could be dangerous since all my friends enjoy red wine! With that, I thought blush was a great spring tone, that would still be very light in color. AJ really wanted to have navy as a deeper tone and pop of color, and we decided it would be a great compliment to the white and blush.
        • SoHo63 was the first place we visited when we started our wedding planning. We had no idea what we were getting into, and no idea what to expect. After leaving SoHo and checking out other venues, we realized that Jenna (and her team at SoHo) was who we trusted with this very special day. We felt so comfortable and confident in their abilities to bring our vision to life. Also, the stunning event space sure helped, too! We loved having everything under one roof, but loved how each space felt like it had its own personality; all of which fit the vibe we were going for of “elevated party experience.”
        • AJ and I talked about making our wedding as fun and memorable for our guests as it was for us. We loved the clean, modern look of the venue, and thought it was the perfect space to add things we love to make it our own (the Jenga guestbook, customized corn hole, and obviously we had to have a photo booth!). AJ liked to call it the “elevated party experience.”
        • I am so, so pleased with all of the choices AJ and I made along the way with planning our wedding. We’ve talked about it, at length, and we have come to the conclusion that we could not have made any better decisions when it came to our venue and our vendors. Everyone we worked with, from the rehearsal dinner all the way through the morning after the wedding, was absolutely incredible. The only thing I would ever change about our wedding weekend is I wish I was hungrier so I could have eaten more of the amazing food! OR maybe have a time machine so we could relive it over and over!


          Video: TSI Video Productions | Venue: SoHo63| Make-up: Chanel Molleo  | Hair: Chanel Molleo | Florist: Butterfly Petals

          Groom’s suit/tux: Men’s Warehouse | Wedding dress (store & brand): Azteca Bridal: Madeline Gardner

          Brides Shoes: Mia | DJ: Chad with All American DJ | Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes | Catering: Babbo

          Photobooth: Snapbooth; | Boy’s socks: Stance | Officiant: Jon Maas | Wedding Coordinator: Jenna and the Celebrate Team at SoHo63

        March 29, 2018


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        I want to have an event so you can photograph it. Your photos are amazing, Elizabeth!


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