Venice Canals Engagement Photos

    Venice Canals Engagement Photos

    We had just started the session when it started to sprinkle. “How long can it last, we’re in Los Angeles!” I said. Ten minutes later it was completely pouring. We decided to embrace it and listen to the bystanders who kept telling us it was good luck. Karen and Mike were such troopers — it began to hail when they kissed, and I’m not completely sure if my goosebumps were from the cold, or from seeing the absolute love they have for one another!

    Parking can be tricky in this area. I have my clients meet me at Siamese Garden which is located at one of the entrances of the canals. There are meters around this area but if it’s a weekend this part of town is packed. If you don’t mind walking a tad you can park across the street from the Marriott Marina Del Rey. There is a huge parking lot and I can usually find parking. 
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    Make-up and Hair: Heather Steele (

    March 4, 2015


    Sarah El-Begearmi

    Congratulations to both of you. These pictures are amazing! I’m so happy that you have found the person that completes you, Michael. I wish you both the kind of happiness that you deserve.

    Congratulations to both of you. Absolutely beautiful pictures that capture an amazing love & happiness between two wonderful people. Mike & Karen may the love in your hearts, minds & souls only grow stronger with the passing of time. May you always gaze apon each other with such intense admiration. We are so looking forward to your wedding.❤️Paddy


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