Gifts for your wedding party.

    Wedding Party Gifts

    Let’s face it, we all love being part of our friends’ beloved nuptials but it requires a lot of our time, money, planning, and just overall effort. Thank You gifts for your bridal party goes a long way and they don’t have to be grand or break your already ridiculously drained bank account. I always say “Keep it simple and meaningful.” Here are some of my favorite gifts I’ve seen clients give to their beloved crew over the years. Everything is linked below.


    Who doesn’t love a good robe? It’s one of those items we rarely buy ourselves and yet we all love wearing them. Please don’t get crazy and buy a $300 robe from the hotel you are staying at. Just get something cute for the girls that will look great in pictures and be a nice take-home.

    Personalized Decanter 

    This is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. It’s great way for your groomsmen to look back on your special day while sipping on some whiskey. It’s great for that quintessential cheers shot with your grooms on your wedding day as well!  This decanter is beautifully made and the best part is you can get it personalized. If you want to add more engraved bar or drinking items to your gift, check these out.

    Make up Bags

    Even if you are an au-natural gal you at least keep some sunscreen, concealer, and chapstick around so this gift is ideal for any personality! I love this idea because you can print each girl’s name on their bag making it extra personal.

    Kate Spade
    These compact mirrors are handy and will make anyone smile with the cute sayings on the front.

    Personalized Ax

    If your groomsmen love camping then this is the perfect gift to give them. It has a stainless-steel blade and you can personalize the grip. If you decided to do a bachelor camping trip this would be a great time to gift your guys something unique and useful!


    Look we all love to sleep and your girls and guys will need it after this speeding locomotive of a party. These are especially cute with the banana leaves!

    Totes and Clutches

    Your crew will be totes happy with this gift (sorry I had to) because we all know how much random crap you come back with after a wedding. If you want to go crazy you can even make them big enough to fit your centerpieces in! Again these can be embroidered with each girl’s name for personalization.

    Bauble Heads

    If you’re feeling a bit generous then this is one of the COOLEST gifts in my opinion. No one will forget a personalized Bauble Head. Period.

    Champagne Glasses

    Most gals want a fun picture of all their bridesmaids toasting before the wedding so why not make it extra special with personalized champagne glasses that they can keep after. Cheers!

    All photos by Elizabeth Burgi Photography

    July 9, 2020




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