Backyard Wedding

    Backyard Wedding

    Covid influenced many aspects of the wedding, from the venue to the guest numbers and even the dress, yet it turned out so beautifully. What a blessing!

    Anjali wore a lacy long-sleeved wedding dress with tulle and floral detailing that was just right for the soft and dreamy garden wedding. It was the third dress she purchased online and fit perfectly. She wore her long hair down and styled with loose waves by Lisa Dornbos. The dress was mid-length so the shoes were an important detail of the outfit. White strappy heels with a classic bow completed her look.

    Meanwhile, Sam matched his bride in the fashion stakes with a dark grey designer suit and tie. Together they looked simply stunning.

    The wedding ceremony in the bride’s aunt’s garden at sunset was intimate and romantic. The bride says the venue was chosen due to the uncertainty of other venues due to the pandemic. But also it fitted their desire for a classic and elegant garden wedding.

    “My aunt’s gorgeous garden has hosted many memorable family events and I knew it would be perfect for our short and sweet wedding. We just feel so incredibly lucky to have pulled off such a beautiful pandemic wedding. It was so intimate and special.”

    The archway created by florist Ellamah Floral was a rustic style with messy greenery adorned with white roses. The bride’s bouquet matched the archway with a touch of soft blue added in with fresh hydrangeas. We also used those to style the Single Stone wedding rings and that hint of color just refined the whole floral decor in a way that was just right for the outdoor venue.

    The groom’s uncle officiated the touching ceremony and the couple exchanged vows and rings with words of love, joy, and gratitude. It was a lovely ceremony followed by happy friends and family time as we took the group photos.

    Each guest received a thoughtful goodie bag including a personalized mask and hand sanitizer. The ceremony seating chart was designed with social distancing rules in mind and guests took home a boxed dinner instead of dining together.

    A pink and blue sunset sky was like a kiss from Mother Nature and ended the wedding day on a high note.

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    Backyard wedding_3122.jpgPhoto: @elizabethburgiphotography

    Video: @tsivideo
    Make-up: @mand79 @pagebeauty
    Hair: @lisadornbos_hair
    Florist: @ellamah
    Groom’s suit: @hugo_official
    Wedding dress: @needleandthreadlondon
    Brides Shoes: @loefflerrandall
    Rings: @singlestonela
    Officiant: groom’s uncle⠀
    Venue: home of the bride’s aunt and uncle⠀
    May 5, 2021


    Patricia Ann DelMonte

    Classic and so very sweet and yet elegant.Elizabeth Burgas as always,has brought the magnitude of these moments to view.Just beautiful..


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