Bridal Hairstyles

        The wedding date is set, you’ve got your dream venue reserved, and your bridal party has started planning every DIY wedding project they’ve seen on Pinterest. Even though you’ve covered all the major details and should be breathing easy, there’s still that one looming question you haven’t answered: How will you wear your hair?

        With millions of classic and unique hairstyles out there today it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options and panic. Yes, it’s just hair, but this will be the hair captured in your photos and videos forever. This isn’t a 5th-grade school picture where if you don’t like it you can bury it in a trash can and tell everyone you lost it.

        Here are a few styles that I find work great in pictures and why they may or may not work for your particular wedding day.

        The Bun

        When some people think of a bun they think of the boring, tightly wound nightmare from their ballet classes. However, now there are so many great variations of the classic bun to explore. Buns are great because your hair is completely tied back and you don’t have to worry about it blowing in your face if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. Nothing is worse than hair sticking to your lipgloss while you’re trying to say your vows.  Get creative and create an updo that will still make you feel sexy.

        Hairstylists in order (cover pics @ameliacandco@liza_ray⁣, @hairstoriesbysue, @beautybybigang, @christal_lives_in_color, @thetinyrendezvous, @thefaceofbeautyus

        Half Up

        Another great look for outdoor weddings is the classic half up/ half down do. When you want those long flowing locks but also want to be worry-free when a strong wind comes, this is the hairstyle you choose. It also matches every ceremony vibe from classic to modern, to boho style weddings.

        Hairstylists in order @ashleyzarember@quendiejoy, @courtneychristina_makeup, @bridalhair_bysierra


        Women are finally embracing their curls and it’s such a fun look! There’s something glorious about seeing a full head of natural ringlets paired with a very styled wedding gown. It feels very authentic and also looks great in pictures.

        Hairstylists in order Bride did her own hair, @hairandmakeupbynallely, @designvisage, @lipglamartistry


        Gone are the days of being limited to either fishtail, single, or pigtail braids. We have come a long way in the world of this age-old hairstyle. Braids can now be whimsical, edgy, sophisticated, cute, complex, and everything in between. Lockdown a hairdresser for your big day who has some crazy good skills and wow your guests with your one of a kind hairdo.


        Hairstylists in order @theglamourist, @beachbridalbeauty, @hairbyKimSiojo, Bride’s sister-in-law,  @vegasmakeupartistry, @unveiledmakeup

        All the Way Down

        If you want that natural vibe and are having your wedding indoors, sometimes it’s best just to let it all hang down. This is especially great looking when paired with a veil. The benefits are that your husband is seeing you in your natural glory and you won’t have to deal with the possible headaches caused by millions of bobby pins!

        Hairstylists in order @theglamourist, @designvisage, @_jenna_locke, @domenicabeauty, @leivagency

        Whatever you chose for your big day, make it your own. The most important thing is to be comfortable and feel like yourself.


        April 12, 2020




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