Valley of Fire Elopement

        Valley of Fire Elopement

        When most people think of eloping in Las Vegas they picture a cheesy wedding in a little chapel where Elvis runs the ceremony and you get take-home souvenirs with your faces on them. We like to offer an alternative to that and utilize the beauty of the Las Vegas landscape. Our newest location, Valley of Fire, makes a gorgeous playground for lovebirds looking to say “I do” in an intimate way, without all the campiness of the strip.

        Set against the glowing amber rocks of the Valley of Fire, this elopement theme was a classy homage to Something Blue. We wanted to juxtapose the glamor and whimsy of the couple’s glitzy style with the rugged desert rocks. What we love most about our weddings is that they are sustainable from start to finish. Elopements, in general, are extremely sustainable because you usually have no guests or at most, a handful. This cuts down on travel pollution, food consumption, waste, etc.

        We keep our decor minimal and purposeful to also cut down on waste. In this shoot, you can see our mimosa and donut bar (blue themed as well!) and coffee cart that is made of all reusable items and no plastic. The brides’ bouquet, like all of our bouquets, contains succulents that can be planted after the ceremony. We even added a sleek vintage car to follow the re-usable theme (and also add some old Vegas glam).

        Vegas elopements truly are what you make of them. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make the day your own!

        Valley of Fire Elopement_2913.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2908.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2907.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2912.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2910.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2909.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2902.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2914.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2903.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2905.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2891.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2895.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2898.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2899.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2900.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2897.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2896.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2894.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2892.jpgValley of Fire Elopement_2893.jpgValley of Fire Elopement_2920.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2921.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2918.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2919.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2915.jpg
        Valley of Fire Elopement_2911.jpg

        Coordination: @cactuscollectiveweddings
        Coordination Asst: @sielloevents
        Photography: @elizabethburgiphotography
        Location: Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada⠀⠀
        Hair & Makeup: @ameliacandco ⠀⠀
        Floral: @gaiaflowerslv ⠀⠀
        Arbor/Seating: @cactuscollectiveweddings⠀⠀
        Minister: @peachy_keen_unions ⠀⠀
        Invitation: @paperandhome ⠀⠀
        Donuts: @pinkboxdoughnuts⠀⠀
        Classic Car: Classic and Collectible Cars⠀⠀
        Models: @bianca.zorzi & @trav_little
        Dress: @bhldn
        Shoes: @badgleymischka⠀⠀

        August 31, 2020




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