Forest Wedding

        Forest Wedding

        I’ve photographed every type of wedding imaginable but when I heard Adrian and Kirstin were having a Moroccan themed ceremony in a forrest, I knew I was in for a treat!

        Adrian and Kirstin’s love story began at a Port-o-Potty. Yes, you read that right. The couple was running a triathlon and met at the Port-O-Potty. Kirstin was asking for advice and Adrian thought she was hitting on him. He found her after the race and the rest is history.

        The couple wanted a laid back wedding that wasn’t like all the cookie cutter ceremonies they had seen before. They loved how untamed the forrest was and wanted a Fall theme so they picked this location. Everything was DIY and they enlisted the help of their friends to pull this off. Each detail of the wedding reflected personal experiences they had with friends and family. 

        Decorations were kept simple as they wanted nature to be the main focal point but they did make sure to treat guests to a lavish Moroccan feast (with some pizza thrown in!) They really wanted to love and  honor each of their guests so they kept it to a small gathering. The toasts wound up being their favorite part of the ceremony. It was the first the couple got to really sit side by side and enjoy the moment. “It was so beautiful and magical,” said Kirstin.

        I truly loved this wedding because it was focused on Adrian and Kirstin’s love for each other, their love for their friends and family, and their love for nature. Sometimes simple really is the best way to go so have the wedding that fits your style the best!

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        Forest Wedding_3704.jpgForest Wedding_3703.jpg
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        Forest Wedding_3728.jpg
        Forest Wedding_3724.jpg
        Forest Wedding_3702.jpg

        September 12, 2021




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