How do I get my wedding published in a blog?

        How do I get published in a blog?

        Couples ask me all the time, “How do I get my wedding published in a blog?” There is no simple answer to this because blogs can be guessing game but I have definitely learned over the years tips that will increase your chances! While there is no guarantee that these tips will get you published, they certainly do help immensely.


        Make your wedding theme is unique and clear! Whether it’s a nautical theme, specific color, vineyard ambiance, or detailed cultural stand-out, blogs are like magazines and need a good story so that is essential beyond anything else.



        Blogs LOVE details! Everything from the invite to the shoes, to the table settings, to the flowers, make your wedding stand out. If you are looking for a blog write up remember people don’t know you but they do love great ideas to use for their own wedding and you are their guide! So flaunt the details and make them stand out!


        Epic Location

        Like they say in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location! Nothing catches the eye like gorgeous scenery so at the get-go pick a place that takes your breath away or is unique in some way.


        Target the Right Blog

        Your wedding might check off everything on this list but you still can’t get a blog to showcase it. While every wedding is unique, so is every blog so find one that aligns with your aesthetic, theme, and values.

        Be Patient

        Don’t expect a response right away. People have lives and you’ll need a relaxing break anyway after your nuptials so give them time to respond and don’t panic!

        October 24, 2020


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