Joshua Tree Wedding

    Joshua Tree Wedding

    I photographed Ada and Todd’s city hall wedding and then a few weeks later we did a Joshua Tree session with their wedding attire plus Ada’s traditional Chinese wedding clothes. My favorite part of the session was the cactus garden.

    About Joshua Tree (Thanks wiki)

    Joshua Tree National Park is a vast protected area in southern California. It’s characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Named for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees, the park straddles the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert, which is higher and cooler. Keys View looks out over the Coachella Valley. Hiking trails weave through the boulders of Hidden Valley.

    In order to take photos at Joshua Tree you need to get a permit and it takes 10-15 days to process. To get the permit click here.

    It takes awhile to drive to each location so it’s better to get there early. It took us about 35 minutes from the big rocks to the cactus garden so we made it just in time for the sunset. Plus you have to take into consideration changing into another outfit which takes a little longer since the bathroom situation isn’t the best. lol.

    Scroll down to see photos at LACMA which were taken right after their ceremony with their good friends.

    These were taken at City Hall right before they said I DO!

    We took these right after the couple’s city hall ceremony. It’s usually EXTREMELY crowded at LACMA so we got very lucky. It also helped that it was a Thursday afternoon in December.

    Here’s a map of where the Urban Lights are located.

    March 4, 2020



    These photos are a beautiful work of art. Beautiful, Elizabeth!!


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