Las Vegas Engagement

        Las Vegas Engagement

        I love doing engagement sessions in Las Vegas because you can essentially take a trip around the world in one day. Whether you want to look like you’re in front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris Paris), enjoying a romantic gondola ride in the Venice Canals (The Venetian), or enjoying a moment in the vast glory of the desert (Red Rock Canyon), the exciting backdrops in Vegas are endless. However, there is some important planning that needs to happen to capture such shots. Here are my tips for a great Las Vegas engagement shoot.

        Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the world and thus, even on the off seasons, its famous strip is always crowded with tourists. For this reason I always suggest getting up at the crack of dawn and getting to the strip right when the sun is rising to start shooting before the crowds begin to gather. The best part about being a party destination is that people usually sleep in so other than a few convention-goers milling about, you’ll have wide open landscapes to shoot on in the early hours.
        Las Vegas Engagement_1493.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1494.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1495.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1496.jpg
        Another thing to keep in mind is that every location on the strip is a mirage in that things look much closer than they actually are. If you are a regular of the Vegas Strip, you know very well that walking to the hotel right across the street winds up taking you about 20 minutes so imagine trying to concur a photoshoot with multiple locations. Make sure to book your photographer for way more time than you think you need. You’ll thank me later!
        Las Vegas Engagement_1497.jpg
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        Las Vegas Engagement_1500.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1501.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1502.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1503.jpg
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        Las Vegas Engagement_1505.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1506.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1507.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1508.jpg
        The next thing most couples don’t realize is that Las Vegas is extremely windy since it’s a desert so be prepared if either of you have long hair or flowing outfits you want to wear. I know you are probably thinking “Really??? What a minor thing to worry about!” Trust me though, looking like Cousin It can really ruin an entire day of shooting and there’s no way to Photoshop hair out of your face. A simple half-up do can ensure you have a carefree day of shooting.
        Las Vegas Engagement_1512.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1509.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1510.jpg
        Las Vegas Engagement_1511.jpg
        Stephanie and Chris, the lovely couple featured here, listened to all my advice and got this awesome array of shots as a result. We were able to capture so many different looks and backgrounds with no stress. These two love birds are getting married in Hawaii in September so they know how to do things right! We wish them all the best in their next leg of their journey together.

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        April 8, 2019




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