New York City Engagement 

    New York City Engagement

    This session was a blast. We started at sunrise because that was the only time we could get most of these locations empty. Our first stop was at the Brooklyn bridge. As it got later the regular runners and bikers came out so it’s good we got there right when the sun came up. After the bridge we just walked below to the cobbled streets and got a few more photos.

    New York City Engagement_1760.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1763.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1762.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1761.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1765.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1764.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1781.jpg

    We then headed to the iconic Times Square.
    New York City Engagement_1766.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1769.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1767.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1768.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1770.jpg

    These were taken at the Arlo SoHo. The couple had stayed at this hotel before and called to ask for permission to take photos on the rooftop. Since it was February it was empty and the views were epic. New York City Engagement_1771.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1772.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1773.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1778.jpg

    We ended our session at Central Park. It started raining pretty hard but we would get small patches when the rain would stop so we could snap photos. It actually helped us out because the park was really empty because of it.
    New York City Engagement_1779.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1775.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1780.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1782.jpg
    New York City Engagement_1777.jpg

    It was so cold and windy and Karin was the BIGGEST trooper. These photos show how windy it was! ha
    New York City Engagement_1774.jpg


    MUA: Pearl Xu  | Shoes: Christin Louboutin 

    March 13, 2018



    I LOVE this photo shoot, Elizabeth. How do you manage go get these amazing shots???


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