Serendipity Garden Wedding

        Serendipity Garden Wedding

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        This fairytale romance started off a little clumsily. Mara and Carl literally bumped into each other at a pre-Grammy show in 2012 and though Mara was mildly annoyed, Carl managed to make her laugh. They’ve been laughing together ever since.

        Mara and Carl chose Serendipity for their wedding venue and it was like something out of a movie! The venue is not only dreamy but also comes with fun extras like a horse and carriage and piano player which made their day extra special. The ceremony and reception happen in the same space so it made the entire day effortless and magical.

        Mara chose a dusty purple color accent for the entire event as purple was always her favorite color since she was a little girl. It was a great choice as it added to the whimsy of the aesthetics of the day. She chose her dress from the designer’s trunk show after the unique neckline caught her eye. After deciding on the dress she found out the designer only made that design for those who attended to trunk show so it truly was a one of a kind! Not only did the bridesmaids sport the lovely dusty purple tones but Carl also had a slick matching vest to complete the look. The wedding party looked absolutely perfect as an ensemble.

        The couple wanted a romantic wedding with a little rustic vibe and Serendipity did not disappoint. My favorite shots were of the horse and carriage ride and the two of them under the breathtaking tree awning with chandeliers.

        This wedding was truly a joy to shoot. The ambiance of the lush green grounds mixed with the soft romantic purple hues made for a storybook day. Everything from the gorgeous couple and wedding party to the special touches from Serendipity to the florals designs sprinkling the event made this whole event something to remember. “I loved everything about it!” said Mara. ” I loved my dress and the location and the horse and carriage and seeing all of our family and friends. It felt like a real life fairy tale!” Sometimes fairy tales do come true!

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        This lovely couple referred us to Mara and Carl and we couldn’t be more thankful.

        Serendipity Garden Wedding_2124.jpg

        Venue: @serendipity_weddings ⁣⁣
        Hair: @hairby_lucylove7
        Makeup: @brightcrystalwedding
        Flowers: @flowersetcbeaumont
        Decorator: @theolivinecollective
        Cake: @michelles_bakery
        Dress & veil: @martinalianabridal
        Dress shop: @lovellabridal
        ⁣Photo: @elizabethburgiphotography
        Video: @tsivideo


        October 8, 2019



        Wow! What a beautiful bride, handsome groom and agree…the venue couldn’t have been any more spectacular.Elizabeth’s photos capture not on the moment, but the essence of this union. Felt like I was there myself. Congrats to all.

        Thank you Patti! She really was a real life princess bride.


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