The Addison Grove Wedding

        The Addison Grove Wedding

        The Addison Grove was the perfect place for Jennifer and Justin to tie the knot Texas-style. They fell in love with the venue when they visited and started planning a romantic outdoor wedding that would give guests a truly Texan experience.

        With guests coming from all over, they made sure there was time for everyone to meet with a BBQ rehearsal dinner before the big day.

        Jennifer says the Addison Grove staff put a lot of effort into making their day all they dreamed of having. They worked with her to create her vision of a romantic boho chic-styled wedding that was very warm and personalized.

        Jenn and Justin met at the gym and shyly flirted with each other for six months before going on their first date. It’s easy to see they are perfect for each other. They are so in sync and were continually talking, hugging, kissing and laughing during our couple photo shoot. At the same time, guests enjoyed cocktail hour and staff fed the longhorn cattle so they would come to the fence for guests to capture photos.

        Jen describes the wedding day as a fairytale and says a highlight was performing their first dance.

        “We had a blast doing the lessons and keeping it a secret from everyone. I can’t say we nailed the routine, but we did a good job playing off our errors and had fun doing it.”

        She says the day was full of precious memories including her absolute favorite moment at the end of the night after everyone left. They shared a last dance and talked about the day.

        “In that empty room, we stopped to reflect on some of the challenges we had to overcome leading up to this day – a broken foot, the passing of my grandfather, and of course, a worldwide pandemic. It was a magical and emotional moment, taking in how beautifully everything turned out and how many loved ones showed up to celebrate with us.”


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        The Addison Grove Wedding_3190.jpgOn the day the bride wore a sophisticated lace gown with intricate beading and a low, open back and long train and veil. She carried a large, messy bouquet with fresh florals in shades of light to dark pink. She looked absolutely beautiful. The groom wore a smart designer suit matching with the bridal party men.
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        The Addison Grove Wedding_3218.jpgThe sunset ceremony was intimate and emotional as the couple exchanged vows and rings in front of their family and friends. The bridesmaid’s pastel-toned dresses looked so sweet in the afternoon light. The couple was showered with hugs and kisses of congratulations after they walked down the aisle as man and wife.
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        The Addison Grove Wedding_3215.jpgI love that the couple had two beer burros decorated with flowers and baskets for our photos. The guests loved them too!  After family photos, we explored the property taking beautiful bridal party and couple photographs.
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        She is a creative DIY kind of bride, so she made a lot of the decor herself. “The Texas-shaped acrylic menu preference cards were my pride and joy,” she says. Inside, the gray barn was decorated with candles, soft draping, glowing chandeliers and long dinner tables set with greenery and florals that were made the whole set-up look sweet, dreamy and romantic.The Addison Grove Wedding_3229.jpg
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        The Addison Grove Wedding_3237.jpgEveryone enjoyed fine food, drinks, speeches, dancing and congratulating the newlyweds. Later in the evening, they cut the wedding cake; a triple-tiered creation adorned and surrounded by soft and deep pink florals.
        The Addison Grove Wedding_3236.jpg
        The Addison Grove Wedding_3231.jpg“Since Justin is from Pittsburgh, we had to bring the Pittsburgh cookie table tradition to Texas. I also opted to have a puppy cookie table, so I could incorporate my fur baby, Stella, and share some of my bridal portraits taken with her.”
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        Photo and Video: @elizabethburgiphotography and @tsivideo
        Planner: @pearleventsaustin
        Florals: @bouquetsofaustin
        Planner: @lexie_perez_
        Venue: @theaddisongrove
        Rentals: @premiereeventsaustin
        Linens: @bbjlinen
        Lighting: @uniquedesignandevents
        Catering: @royalfigcatering
        Photo Booth: @ohhappydaybooth
        Hair and makeup: @lolabeautyatx
        Cake: @simplydeliciouscustomcakes
        DJ: @leforcedj
        burros: @txhillcountryevents
        Stationary and Signage: @the_inviting_pear

        June 27, 2022




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