Things to do in Death Valley

    Things to do in Death Valley

    In April, my dad and I decided to take a father-daughter photo trip to Death Valley. We both love photography, and Death Valley is definitely a state park, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Since the temperatures get up to 108 degrees we decided when we got there to take photos at sunrise and sunset. There’s nothing like being out in the desert at sunrise, and you can’t hear anything. Not even a pin drop. Here are some spots I suggest you check out.Death Valley_0495.jpg

    This was a cool sign I got on the way to Death Valley.
    Death Valley_0496.jpg

    Zabriskie Point

    Most photographers take photos here at sunrise. The sun hitting the range can get you some amazing shadows. We decided to go there at sunset since we had seen the beauty it radiates at sunrise on a separate trip. As my dad and I sat watching the sunset, we both enjoyed the people watching and listening to all the different languages. Death Valley brings in lots of tourists from all over the world. I enjoyed watching people taking selfies and doing jump poses for their social media. Click here to read the history of Zabriskie’s Point.

    Death Valley_0499.jpg
    Death Valley_0500.jpg
    Death Valley_0497.jpg
    Death Valley_0498.jpg
    Death Valley_0501.jpg
    Death Valley_0504.jpg
    Death Valley_0503.jpg
    Death Valley_0502.jpg
    Death Valley_0590.jpg

    Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

    The sand dunes are probably one of the most popular locations, and we decided to go there at sunrise. To not have a ton of footsteps not in your shot, we walked pretty far in to get the sand as smooth as possible. We didn’t want to walk too far out because by the time the sun rises, and the heat is scorching hot, you have to walk back to your car. This was one of my favorite spots on the trip, It’s so relaxing, and the sunrise on the dunes is absolutely gorgeous.

    Death Valley_0525.jpg
    Death Valley_0529.jpg
    Death Valley_0517.jpg
    Yes…my dad has a coffee cup. lol.
    Death Valley_0518.jpg
    Death Valley_0520.jpg
    Death Valley_0521.jpg
    Death Valley_0527.jpg
    Death Valley_0526.jpg
    Death Valley_0522.jpg
    Death Valley_0519.jpg
    Death Valley_0524.jpg
    Death Valley_0516.jpg
    Death Valley_0515.jpg
    Death Valley_0514.jpg
    Death Valley_0523.jpg
    Death Valley_0530.jpg
    Death Valley_0531.jpg
    Death Valley_0533.jpg
    Death Valley_0534.jpg
    Death Valley_0535.jpg
    Death Valley_0536.jpg
    Death Valley_0537.jpg
    Death Valley_0538.jpg
    Death Valley_0539.jpg
    Death Valley_0540.jpg
    Death Valley_0532.jpg
    Oasis at Death Valley

    After the Dunes, we had a nice breakfast at the beautiful Oasis at Death Valley. This hotel is gorgeous and literally is an oasis in the desert. The breakfast was fantastic, and we enjoyed the window seat. It’s just been newly renovated, and it feels like you stepped into a set of a 1920’s film. If you really want to splurge, then this is the place to stay as there are only three hotels in Death Valley. We stayed at the Ranch which is perfect for our needs.

    Death Valley_0542.jpg
    Death Valley_0549.jpg
    Death Valley_0541.jpg
    Death Valley_0543.jpg
    Death Valley_0544.jpg
    Death Valley_0545.jpg
    Death Valley_0546.jpg
    Death Valley_0547.jpg
    Death Valley_0548.jpg
    The Artist’s Palate

    We got here a little before sunset, and again we enjoyed the tourist watching as we waited for the sun to set. The colors of the minerals are amazing, and right after the sunset, I hauled butt up the hill and had my dad take a photo of me in my Vietnamese wedding gown. I think people thought we were crazy but it was fun!
    Death Valley_0557.jpg
    This was taken right before the sunset so you can’t see the colors as well.
    Death Valley_0558.jpg
    Death Valley_0556.jpg
    Death Valley_0555.jpg
    Death Valley_0554.jpg
    Death Valley_0552.jpg
    Death Valley_0551.jpg
    Death Valley_0550.jpg
    Death Valley_0553.jpg
    Death Valley_0559.jpg
    If you want to do some off-roading, I highly suggest you rent a jeep. My Mazda was not going to do well for off-roading, but definitely next time I will rent one and see more sites.
    Death Valley_0573.jpg

    Amargosa Opera House and Hotel

    Located in Death Valley Junction, there is a historic building called the Amargosa Opera House and hotel. This opera house has an interesting story and is said to be haunted. There isn’t much in this town but the opera/hotel and one restaurant. Most of the houses are boarded up, and you can’t go close to them. They used to be more open, and you could photograph them easily, but things are no longer what they used to be.

    Death Valley_0564.jpg
    Death Valley_0563.jpg
    Death Valley_0562.jpg
    Death Valley_0561.jpg
    Death Valley_0566.jpg
    Death Valley_0569.jpg
    Death Valley_0567.jpg
    Death Valley_0568.jpg
    Death Valley_0565.jpg
    Death Valley_0570.jpg

    Dante’s View

    To see panoramic views of the southern Death Valley basin go to Dante’s View. From the parking lot you can take several paths. A cool fact is that this location was used for the 1977 Star Wars film.
    Death Valley_0574.jpg
    Death Valley_0575.jpg

    Harmony Borax Works

    This is a quick little stop where you learn about the borax plant. Imagining 40 men producing three tons of borax daily is pretty crazy.
    Death Valley_0582.jpg
    Death Valley_0583.jpg
    Death Valley_0581.jpg
    Got this insane Sunset photo.
    Death Valley_0584.jpg
    Night shot. You can get way better shots than this but I was pretty tired and just stuck to staying near where we were staying.
    Death Valley_0579.jpg

    You can go golfing at Furnace Creek.
    Death Valley_0572.jpg
    Death Valley_0571.jpg

    Badwater Basin

    We got here a little after sunset and get ready for a little bit of a walk. It looks shorter than it really is. (to me that is) Badwater Basin is 282ft below sea level and right by the parking lot there is an itty bitty sign where you can see where the seal level is. The salt makes these beautiful patterns. Again, we went super early because it gets HOT.Death Valley_0591.jpg
    Death Valley_0592.jpg
    Death Valley_0593.jpg
    Death Valley_0594.jpg
    Death Valley_0595.jpg
    Death Valley_0596.jpg
    Death Valley_0597.jpg
    Some photos while driving to different locations and on our drive back.
    Death Valley_0587.jpg
    Death Valley_0588.jpg
    Death Valley_0586.jpg
    Death Valley_0585.jpg
    Death Valley_0577.jpg
    Death Valley_0576.jpg
    Death Valley_0578.jpg

    Camera used
    Canon Mark IV
    Canon 50 mm lens
    Sigma Art 35 mm lens

    June 17, 2018


    Patricia Ann DelMonte

    I’ve never thought about traveling to Death Valley. It was a barren concept to me,until now. You’ve captured the reason why you and your father made this journey together.A beauty of it’s own to be found..amazing!

    Love this. I’ll definitely be referring back to this when I go out there. Beautiful pics!

    These shots are incredible. I feel like I went on the trip with you and your dad! They should be submitted to a travel magazine to hopefully be featured in it!


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