Laguna Beach Wedding

    Laguna Beach Wedding

    Chemistry is important in any relationship but in the case of this particular couple, science was actually the reason they met! After Alfred transferred to Hannah’s middle school and sat behind her in science class, they became goods friends and that friendship turned into the love of a lifetime.

    After spending many date nights in Laguna Beach, Alfred and Hannah knew they wanted to say “I do” there and picked the gorgeous Pacific Edge Hotel to make that dream a reality. Hannah had also been going to Laguna Beach with her family since she was a kid so it had a special place in her heart. They loved the bungalows and the intimate feel of the hotel as well as the gorgeous views of the ocean and bluffs. Hannah admits having an outdoor wedding was a risk but one that was worth taking. Luckily, even though it rained the day before their wedding, it was nothing but gorgeous clear skies on their big day! They even used their wedding suite for the after-party, inviting close family and friends which made for a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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    Laguna Beach Wedding_1522.jpgHannah wanted a simple yet elegant dress for her big day that she could add layers to (because she’s always cold) and wound up finding the perfect fit in her floor length number with touches of lace around the trim. She donned a faux fur jacket at the reception that was just the perfect accent and kept her cozy as she mingled with loved ones. The dress perfectly complimented the style of the wedding which was a laid-back boho beach vibe with a touch of vintage glam.

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    Laguna Beach Wedding_1547.jpgThey decided to line the aisles with pampas grass for the ceremony to give it that casual beach feel and used mixed metals for accents on the tables as well as vibrant pops of color. When you have a background as breathtaking as Laguna Beach it’s nice to keep things simple and let the surroundings do all the work. Guests dined on gourmet donuts from Sidecar Donuts and other yummy treats from The Deck on Laguna Laguna Beach.Laguna Beach Wedding_1530.jpg
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    Laguna Beach Wedding_1570.jpgAll in all the couple loved the intimacy of the wedding they created. They were surrounded by all of their closest family and friends and really got to spend time with them.  The biggest treat for Hannah was having her grandmother watching on because not only are they extremely close, but Hannah was actually wearing her engagement ring from when she got married almost 75 years ago! The couple also cherished their first dance together. “Neither of us are dancers and we thought it would be kind of awkward, but somehow we just moved together so perfectly in that moment. I looked up and saw that Alfred had tears in his eyes and I just lost it. I’m crying in most of the pictures!” says Hannah. Here’s to a lifetime of happy tears for this couple!

    Venue: @pacificedgehotel
    Make-up: @meganwilliamsmakeup
    Hair: @beloblowdrybar
    Floral Bouquet, boutonnières, and corsages: @thebloomoftime
    Floral centerpieces: @thebouqsco
    Groom’s Suit: @boss
    Wedding dress: @bhldn
    Maid of Honor dress: @lulus
    Brides Shoes: @badgleymischka
    Cake: @cinderellacakes
    Donuts: @sidecardoughnuts
    Catering: @deckonlaguna
    Rentals: @bakerparty
    Ribbon: @bellameribbon
    Ties: @thetiebar
    Photo: @elizabethburgiphotography

    April 9, 2019




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